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Romantic Suspense


Chase by Sidney Bristol

In the latest installment to the Hot Rides series, CHASE throws a wrench into the workings of the gang from Classic Rides. With their initial job done and Michael Evers on bail until trial, the group is being tasked with a new assignment–protection of America from homegrown terrorists. The biggest problem is that the FBI...

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Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene

Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene by BJ Daniels

In CARDWELL CHRISTMAS CRIME SCENE by B.J. Daniels, DJ Justice enters her apartment only to realize something does not feel right. There are scratches around her newly installed door knob that should not be there. As she searches the apartment, she finds a small rag doll, the one she had as a child, under the duvet...

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Killer Look

Killer Look by Linda Fairstein

KILLER LOOK is the first book I have read by Linda Fairstein. Although this is a stand alone story, it only took me a couple of chapters to realize there is a significant back story between Alex Cooper and Mike Chapman that I would have liked to have known more about. That being said, I...

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Drive by Sidney Bristol

Tori Chazov has lived her life on the run with her sister. Being the daughter of a KGB defector, Tori knows what danger is and what is most likely waiting for her in the future. Becoming an FBI asset has given her the family she always wanted in the form of the group Classic Rides....

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