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Romantic Suspense

Sweet Vengeance

Sweet Vengeance by Fern Michaels

Imagine coming home and finding your husband and two children murdered. Then imagine being accused and convicted of committing the crime knowing you had nothing to do with what happened.   SWEET VENGEANCE is the story of Tessa Jamison, a young mother who has spent the last several years in prison, now being released because of...

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SEAL's Honor (An Alaska Force Novel Book 1)

Seal's Honor by Megan Crane

SEAL’S HONOR sucked me in from the first page to the last. Grizzly Harbor, Alaska and Chicago play the backdrops in this first book in the ALASKA FORCE series. The first chapter is set six months prior to the story and gives a lot of background information on the members of Alaska Force, and especially...

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The Woman Trapped in the Dark (Blink, Texas Trilogy Book 3)

The Woman Trapped in the Dark by JD Mason

This is the final book in the Blink, Texas trilogy. THE WOMAN TRAPPED IN THE DARK begins when Abby Rhodes and Jordan Gatewood (first introduced in the book SEDUCING ABBY RHODES) are now settling down into married life. Note: you do not have to read the first two books in the trilogy to understand this...

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Unspeakable by Elisabeth Naughton

Russell “Rusty” McClane is the adopted son of two doctors. He considers himself the family’s black sheep due to his inability to let go of his past. When the authorities suspect him in an underage girl’s disappearance, Rusty tries to keep his nocturnal activities from his family members. If that’s not enough, his lawyer’s legal...

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