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4 Aunties And A Wedding

Hilarious hijinks and manic mayhem rule the day in this sequel, 4 AUNTIES AND A WEDDING. This time around Meddy Chan, bumbling beauty, is marrying her sweetie, Nathan, in England. She wants her family to enjoy themselves at her wedding, so she hires a wedding planner vendor. Meddy jives with Staphanie and her family is...

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How To Love Your Neighbor

Fussy neighbor indeed! More like ridiculous, hunkalicious sexy man with an insane desire to buy Grace’s beloved grandparents’ beach cottage. Grace and Noah battle it out in Ms. Sullivan’s new novel, HOW TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. The story stars Grace Travis, a pretty girl and interior design student, who inherits a cozy cottage from her...

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Finding Paradise

Does a big city girl meet the man of her dreams in, FINDING PARADISE, the second book in the, A Paradise, Alaska, romance series? Marnie Anton, a lovely L.A. Lawyer, impulsively hops on a plane with a select group of ladies looking for love in Alaska. Marnie’s friend Mia starts a match-making group for the...

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A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale

A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale by Karen Schaler

A ROYAL CHRISTMAS FAIRY TALE is full of whimsy, magical moments, and all things Christmas. Kaylie, an investigative reporter in New York City, loses her job just when her career is taking off the way she’s always dreamed. She takes a freelance assignment offered by her old boss, not knowing the specifics, and she’s swept...

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