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The Way of the Brave

The Way of the Brave by Susan May Warren

THE WAY OF THE BRAVE is the first book in the Global Search and Rescue series, and I have the next two books waiting in the wings to be read....

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Strictly Business

Strictly Business by Ruth Cardello

STRICTLY BUSINESS is the first book in The Switch series, and I’m looking forward to reading more. It was slow to get into at first and to understand the characters,...

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Out of Love

Out of Love by Ruth Cardello

OUT OF LOVE is the second book in The Switch series, and it was a fun-filled read with the twin switch. This time Scott is front and center, though his...

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He Said Always

He Said Always by Ruth Cardello

HE SAID ALWAYS reconnects us with the Corisi and Romano families, and it was nice to see where their lives have taken them. This is Gian and Teagan’s story, and...

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