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Sweetest Kisses

SWEETEST KISSES was often heartwarming and other times heartwrenching.  Nicolette or Nic and Adam had immediate chemistry although Nic fought it every which way she could.  She was only back home in Mission, Washington due to family obligations.  She couldn’t wait to leave town once again and leave behind all the small minded people she had...

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Snowdrops in Summer

Snowdrops in Summer by Helen Duggan

This is the first book I have read by Helen Duggan. Usually a writer of erotica under a different name, Ms. Duggan’s first book of women’s fiction. I enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship between these three women. Lisa, Angelica, and Claire have been friends through thick and thin for quite some time. Lisa is a...

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Sweet as Honey

Growing up, Lily Christner had been an ungainly girl with braces and glasses. One boy in particular, Dan, had called her names, which only made her feel worse. But Paul Glick had come to her rescue and had helped ease her loneliness. Over the years, Lily has blossomed into a beauty, although she is unaware...

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A Certain Age

A CERTAIN AGE is women’s fiction set in the 1920’s over a period of about six months.  The story is told by newspaper articles in the New York Times relating to a murder trial that is woven throughout or by two of the main characters, Sophie and Theresa.  Theresa is a socialite whose husband has...

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