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Paranormal / Futuristic

How Not to Date a Skunk

How Not to Date a Skunk by Stephanie Burke

Bilana is a photographer in South Dakota to cover the Sioux Nation pow-wow. She is healing up after taking meds to help curtail a horrendous migraine. After awakening in her spot near the medical tent, Bilana is caught in the middle of a sacred Native American ceremony. She soon finds herself claimed by Chaska, a...

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A Guardian's Heart

A Guardian's Heart by Renee Wildes

Dara Khan Androcles is a trained healer. She is different from her townsfolk. Dara loses everything she loves when a demon-possessed enemy invades her kingdom. She manages to save a stranger from capture. Dara intends to avenge her homeland and drive the trespasser out. But first, she needs to find allies strong enough to defeat...

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Whisky and Wishes

Whisky and Wishes by Donna Grant

Constantine, the Dragon King of the Dragon Kings, and his Fae mate, Rhiannon want to host a holiday celebration. The Dragon Kings and their mates have finally achieved a moment of peace. They now must decide whether to reunite with their dragon clans on the other world. New concerns rise to the forefront. Will these...

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Under a Winter Sky, anthology

Under a Winter Sky

This anthology is a fantasy lover’s dream. It has a little of everything: High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Time Travel. Each story takes place around a winter holiday, not necessarily Christmas. LONG NIGHT CRYSTALLINE MOON by Jeffe Kennedy    Rhyian is the shapeshifter son of Queen Andromeda of Annfwn. He is promised to the Goddess...

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