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Paranormal / Futuristic

The High Mountain Court

The High Mountain Court by A.K. Mulford

Remy is a red witch in hiding. She and her brown witch companions evade the witch hunters searching for them. Remy tries to flee when she encounters four mysterious fae in the tavern she works at. However, she finds herself coerced into accompanying them on their quest. Remy cannot fight her growing attraction to Hale,...

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Last Guard (Psy-Changeling Trinity)

Last Guard by Nalini Singh

NYT Bestselling author Nalini Singh adds to her Psy-Changeling Trinity series with LAST GUARD, a compelling romance between two Psy who aren’t as cold and unfeeling as many would think. Payal Rao is a cardinal telekinetic and CEO of her family’s business worth millions, stationed in Delhi, India. But she’s also an Anchor—a Psy designation...

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Bright Familiar

Bright Familiar by Jeffe Kennedy

Lord Gabriel Phel is a wizard proficient in moon and water magic. He plans to keep his hard-won familiar from the Convocation. However, Gabriel discovers something unsettling about his nature. The two work tirelessly to find their wizard and familiar dynamic. Can Gabriel keep Veronica safe from the Convocation? Will he have to turn into...

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Dragon Mine

Dragon Mine by Donna Grant

DRAGON MINE is book two in Donna Grant’s new paranormal romance series, DRAGON KINGS, a spinoff from her DARK KINGS series. It is also loosely connected with her REAPER books. I recommend reading the previous series to understand everything that goes on in the plot and the characters involved. The only nitpick I have is...

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