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Romantic Suspense

The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den by Katherine St. John

THE LION’S DEN is filled with intrigue and suspense that had my heart racing! When Summer invites her mom, her sister, and a few friends to her billionaire boyfriend’s yacht for a sail to the French Riviera to celebrate her birthday, a good time seems like it should be had by all. The book is...

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Lucky's Beach

Lucky's Beach by Shelley Noble

LUCKY’S BEACH is a beach read with some elements of romance. But it’s mostly a mystery filled with intrigue. Julie and her teacher friends, Aggie and Kayla, always vacation for ten days at the beach after school ends. This year is no different, although Julie is having a lot of doubts regarding her teaching career....

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Thereby Hangs a Tail

Thereby Hangs a Tail by Spencer Quinn

THEREBY HANGS A TAIL by Spencer Quinn is book two in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series. The stories are told by Chet, Bernie’s dog. Bernie (and Chet) are private investigators, and the book is a clever whodunit told from the perspective of the dog. I’ve read other books using this strategy, but they have...

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Deadly Deceit (Harbored Secrets)

Deadly Deceit by Natalie Walters

Vivian Walter is an investigative journalist living in the small (and a bit boring) town of Walton, trying to come up with a big story that will help her get her career back on track.  Not covering a major story while working in Washington D.C. cost her dearly, but she is hoping things will turn...

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