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Romantic Suspense

The Escape

The Escape by Lisa Harris

Madison James and Jonas Quinn are United States Marshalls, and their jobs require them to locate and apprehend fugitives. They are on a plane transporting two prisoners, one who is extremely dangerous, when something disastrous happens and the plane crashes.   Miraculously, they have survived the crash but discover the more dangerous of the two prisoners,...

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Dial A For Aunties

DIAL A FOR AUNTIES is a madcap comic mystery starring Meddelin Chan, a pretty girl who unexpectedly zaps her blind date into oblivion. Her mother, along with her nosy, interfering Asian aunties fix things, sort of. Working around an Asian curse, the aunties sass back and forth, trying to outdo each other, as to the...

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A Kiwi Before Dying

A Kiwi Before Dying by Wendy Delaney

A KIWI BEFORE DYING by Wendy Delaney is book 8 in the Working Stiffs mystery series.  Charmaine (Char) Digby is a human lie detector—she can tell if someone is lying or telling the truth by reading their body language. She works for the district attorney’s office where they put her skills to work, but this...

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Purrfectly Dead

Purrfectly Dead by Dixie Lyle

PURRFECTLY DEAD is a quirky, frisky, magical murder show stopper! As a newbie to the series, Dixie Lyle’s fifth book uniquely stars the paranormal, the bizarre, ghostly spirits and more! The star, Foxtrot, personal assistant extraordinaire and her posse’, Tango, a sarcastic, supernatural cat, and a shape shifting ghost dog, Whiskey, wrangle with a who-dunnit...

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