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Hearth Song

Bravura Lambert has a five-year-old autistic daughter to raise, as well as just becoming the proud owner of a farm and a construction company. Dane is her absentee-husband most of the time, working in the oilfields until he needs some money, then he comes home to see his wife and child. When Dane comes home...

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His Kind of Cowgirl

HIS KIND OF COWGIRL was a heartwarming read but had darkness and anxiety surrounding it too.  My emotions were involved throughout with tears and some chuckles.  Tanner and Claire have a past but haven’t seen each other in ten years.  When they unexpectedly meet at a crash site involving their two vehicles they’ve both gotten...

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Sweetest Kisses

SWEETEST KISSES was often heartwarming and other times heartwrenching.  Nicolette or Nic and Adam had immediate chemistry although Nic fought it every which way she could.  She was only back home in Mission, Washington due to family obligations.  She couldn’t wait to leave town once again and leave behind all the small minded people she had...

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Snowdrops in Summer

Snowdrops in Summer by Helen Duggan

This is the first book I have read by Helen Duggan. Usually a writer of erotica under a different name, Ms. Duggan’s first book of women’s fiction. I enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship between these three women. Lisa, Angelica, and Claire have been friends through thick and thin for quite some time. Lisa is a...

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