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Like a Love Song

Like a Love Song by Nikita Singh

Kishan was four years older than nineteen-year-old Maahi Kothari. He was finished with college and out in the real world working. Maahi was still in her first year. Their worlds were vastly different from each other and their relationship was doomed to fail. Heartbroken and completely unfocused, Maahi returns home mid-year to disappointed parents who...

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Burning Up (Flirting with Fire)

Burning Up by Jennifer Blackwood

BURNING UP is the first book of the FLIRTING WITH FIRE series and was an enjoyable read. Erin and Jake are at the forefront but so are their families, including his daughter and the firefighters Jake works with, one of whom is Erin’s brother. We get to know the characters a little at a time,...

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One More Chance

One More Chance by Sydney Bristow

ONE MORE CHANCE is the third book in the BEDFORD FALLS series and a nice continuation of the previous stories. This is Scott and Ashley’s story, encompassing both when they’re together and apart in the intervening years. It’s also the story of what their lives were like growing up. My emotions were engaged from the...

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One Last Promise

One Last Promise by Sydney Bristow

ONE LAST PROMISE is a nice continuation of the BEDFORD FALLS series. After getting to know Kelsey, Alex’s sister, and Damon, Alex’s best friend (ONE STEP AWAY) Kelsey and Damon are now front and center in this book. They didn’t disappoint!  There’s a smoldering attraction between them, but Alex wants nothing to do with it...

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