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The Perils of Paulie

The Perils of Paulie by Katie MacAlister

Dixon Ainslie works as an estate agent at his noble brother’s castle in England. He is coerced to participate in a TV reality reenactment of a historical cross-country race. Dixon accidentally overhears an embarrassing comment from a cheeky American woman at the race’s meeting. He soon finds himself in an unorthodox love affair with Paulie...

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Beth Prudhomme moves from Chicago to Portland to get out from underneath her mother’s thumb. Her favorite aunt, Sunshine, lives in Portland and helps Beth find a life of her own. Beth obtains a job as a music teacher and makes a new friend, Nichole. She loves her job and the kids she teaches. Nichole...

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Eden Sinclair is a biochemist who lets another chemist spray her with some perfume he made. She is supposed to let people smell her to see how they like it. Eden doesn’t know it is designed to enhance human pheromones. Eden also loves music and always goes to see her brother’s band play and sometimes...

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One Wild Night

One Wild Night by Melissa Cutler

In Melissa Cutler’s ONE WILD NIGHT, Gentry Wells is a famous country singer who has had several hits. His singing persona is that of a bad boy who likes to raise hell, drink, and have pretty women all around. However, lately, he has become dissatisfied with this image. There is more to him than being...

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A Mother's Love

Widow Rose Rader experienced a terrible year of tragedy. First, her father and husband were killed when their lumber mill burnt down with them in it. Now her mother recently passed away from cancer. Rose and her daughter, Gracie, are the only survivors of their family. Rose needs to find a job so she can...

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Sunrise Canyon

Sunrise Canyon by Janet Dailey

I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read in Janet Dailey’s AMERICANA SERIES, so I was excited to see there is a NEW AMERICANA SERIES. The first book is set in Arizona and goes deeper than some of Dailey’s other books, except for the CALDER SAGA, THE BANNON BROTHERS and THE TYLERS OF TEXAS SERIES, which I...

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