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Mixing Temptation

Wow!  My emotions were engaged throughout from the first page to the last.  There were tears, fear, anger, hurt, happiness and laughter and often when I least expected it.  Josh and Caroline were the perfect couple even though they were so different and coming from different places.  Both are hoping for a second chance at life...

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A Wrong Bed Christmas

A WRONG BED CHRISTMAS in the WRONG BED SERIES has two connected novellas written by two different authors.  They both are set at Christmas with best friend firefighters, Erik and Layton along with Erik’s sister, Alexis, and her best friend, Emma. These are steamy romances that have the characters spending a fair amount of time in bed....

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Crushing on the Cowboy

This was a male/male contemporary romance and way out of my comfort zone.  Mitch, known as the Heartbreak Kid, is a womanizer on the circuit to cover up what he really is – gay.  He’s on the rodeo circuit and meets a Brasilian, Paulo, who’s on the circuit so he can learn the American style...

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What We Find

What We Find by Robyn Carr

Every aspect of Maggie Sullivan’s life is in a downward tumble. A respected neurosurgeon, she’s suddenly embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit. After learning that her partners have been embezzling from their practice, she’s now without a job. And her boyfriend has decided that she’s too depressing to be around after she miscarried their child...

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Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

TWISTED PALACE is the much anticipated third book in The Royals trilogy, and Erin Watt delivers another extraordinary display of skill. Book two left things with quite the cliffhanger. Reed was taken into custody for murder, and Ella’s biological father, Steve – whom everyone thought died in a hang-gliding accident – is suddenly back from the grave. These books...

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To Love and to Cherish

To-Love-and-to-cherish by Lauree Layne

I enjoyed TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH, the last book in the WEDDING BELLES SERIES, and am sorry we won’t be returning to get updates to the characters or the new business venture Logan is involved in along with Josh. This is the story of Alexis and Logan, and the prologue from eight years before set...

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