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A True Cowboy Christmas (Cold River Ranch)

A True Cowboy Christmas by Caitlin Crews

A TRUE COWBOY CHRISTMAS, the first book in the COLD RIVER RANCH series, left me wanting more. The title was a little deceiving until the very end of the book. I look forward to reading the next two books in the series about Gray’s brothers.   Gray runs the family ranch. After burying his father, who...

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The Patient One

The Patient One by Shelley Shepard Gray

THE PATIENT ONE by Shelley Shepard Gray, book one in her new Walnut Creek series, is a beautiful story about friendship and faith without limitations. Eight friends of different faiths find themselves at one of their funerals. How did their lives as adults grow so far apart that they didn’t know one of their friends...

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The Perfect Dress

The Perfect Dress by Carolyn Brown

THE PERFECT DRESS tells the perfect story of three plus-size women—one who lost weight for her boyfriend, what was she thinking?—and the business they open together. The story centers around their shop, which custom makes wedding dresses for plus-size women.  Their business takes off better than they hoped, but their personal lives steal the show. ...

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Gimme Some Sugar

Gimme Some Sugar by Molly Harper

GIMME SOME SUGAR by Molly Harper is an entertaining addition to her SOUTHERN ECLECTIC series. Although I thought the first two books were more laugh-out-loud funny than this one, it’s still a great story with a sweet conclusion that I enjoyed very much. I look forward to each book in this series, wondering what author...

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