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A TAMING SEASON by new to me author Claire Gem, is an intensely emotional story that brought tears to my eyes. This is the first book from Ms. Gem’s brand new series, A LOVE AT LAKE GEORGE, and I look forward to reading more about the happenings in this small tourist town. Due to a...

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One Night Charmer


Ace Thompson is no stranger to rich women who feel entitled. He has already been down that road, so when Sierra West walks into his bar, he feels armed and ready to deal with her. Sierra did nothing if not fit into the rich girl mold the night he drove her home because she was...

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Christmas at Promise Lodge

CHRISTMAS AT PROMISE LODGE by Charlotte Hubbard is about the Bender sisters and the progress they are making with their new community of Promise Lodge. Noah is marrying Deborah Peterscheim in the first wedding taking place in the Promise Lodge colony. A cause for great joy is dampened when Bishop Lehman lists all the single...

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The Trouble with Mistletoe

Growing up with an alcoholic mother and spending time in and out of foster care has not made an easy life for Willa Davis. However, it has given her empathy for others. Now, as a pet shop owner, Willa gives refuge to other young women who are having a rough life. In fact, she has...

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