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Paranormal / Futuristic


Nikolai is the Dragon King of the Ivories. He continues to carry guilt for siding with Constantine, the King of Kings, instead of Ulrik, the man who raised him. Esther, however, fascinates him, so Nikolai agrees to help her. As their attraction heats up, he accepts the undeniable fact that she is his mate. Will...

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Deja New

The latest imaginative, entrancing entry in the INSIGHTER series, DEJA NEW is engaging and entertaining. Be patient, dear reader, for everything has a purpose in Ms. Davidson’s second novel. Leah Nazir, a beautiful, gifted lady can see into the past lives of her patients. Her handsome fiancĂ©, Archer Drake has family problems and they head...

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The Lost Vampire

The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter

When two paranormal people meet, the sparks fly. But can they make a relationship work when they must work together? Cerys Bain is feared in her world because people know exactly what she is and what she can do. Cerys likes things the way they are because it keeps everything quiet and people out of...

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The Dreamer's Song

The Dreamer's Song by Lynn Kurland

Acair of Ceangail is the son of an infamous black mage and a witchwoman. He reluctantly sets off to search for the enigmatic source of the strange shadows cropping up throughout the Nine Kingdoms. A weird, humanoid-shaped spell follows Acair and prevents him from performing any magic. He worries about his beautiful companion’s safety during...

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