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Paranormal / Futuristic


Nirvana by Ana Jolene

While NIRVANA is a stand-alone book in the Glory MC series, I recommend reading GLORY and ORIGINĀ (both of which I also had the pleasure to review) because the characters in this book are first introduced in these two books. Tansy has lived a life of hell. She was traded by her father in payment of...

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Origin by Ana Jolene

ORIGIN is the second book in the Glory MC series by Ana Jolene and a stand-alone read. However, I recommend reading GLORY, the first book in the series, because characters from the first book also appear in this book. Seven Douglass has gotten to know the Glory MC members through her roommate Indie, who is...

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Glory by Ana Jolene

Imagine a world where solar flares have scorched much of the earth. In Ana Jolene’s GLORY, many people have died. The government has collapsed. Those who are alive struggle to get food and a place to live that will protect them from the damaging solar rays that still hit the earth. You can’t worry about...

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Hot and Badgered

Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston

A return to the crazy shapeshifting world of Shelly Laurenston is always a welcome visit. In this quirky, funny, wild paranormal romance, the honey badgers are back! Laurenston is known for her humor, and it’s there in abundance in HOT AND BADGERED. There’s a glimpse of characters from older books, and it might be a...

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