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Paranormal / Futuristic

Mistletoe and Masks

For the past year Hyper Lock, AKA Luke McKellen and Ultra, AKA Nikki Moss have been a force to be reckoned with as a crime fighting duo. Like any policing unit, the superhero team has a special connection that allows them to often work together without second guessing each other.  The only trouble is that...

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Gift of Love

Rob was grateful when he was taken in by Daniel, the self-proclaimed leader of the local Wiccan coven. He’d been living on the streets and thought he’d finally found a place where he belongs but it seems nothing he ever does is good enough for Daniel.  Is Rob just a screw up?  Can Daniel be...

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How To Tame A Beast In Seven Days

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks

Imagine a world filled with with castles, shape shifters, dragons, kings, ghosts, and magic. HOW TO TAME A BEAST IN SEVEN DAYS by Kerrelyn Sparks introduces us to the world of Aerthlan, where kingdoms are at war. Four of the kingdoms on the continent worship a male god and will put to death anyone who...

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Skyships over Innsmouth

Dev captains a scout airship called Smoke Swallow for Canal City. He and his four crewmates search the world for necessary supplies, information and possible Cataclysm survivors. Dev battles against his growing attraction to his scholarly shipmate, Shay. He and his crew find the enigmatic fishing town they had been searching for. However, Innsmouth’s desolate...

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