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Paranormal / Futuristic

Curse on the Land

Curse of the Land by Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter’s CURSE ON THE LAND is the second in her Soulwood series, and once again, Hunter proves she’s a master of the genre. The incredible world-building, complex, multi-faceted characters, and fast-moving plot create a book that begs to be devoured in one sitting. A must for Urban Fantasy fans, and a true delight for...

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Deader Homes and Gardens

Verity Long is a ghost consultant. When her secret ability leaks out to the public, she decides to venture into the ghost hunting business. Verity finally lands her first job: to investigate Sugarland’s historic mansion Rock Fall and its spectral inhabitants. However, her ghostly sidekick, Frankie the gangster, balks at helping Verity with the investigation....

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Crimson Death

CRIMSON DEATH is a milestone release in Laurell K. Hamilton’s fabulous Anita Blake series. Book twenty-five, if you can believe it, and this series still has so much going on that I’m nowhere near tired of delving into it book after book. Of course, Anita and the whole gang are back, and in CRIMSON DEATH,...

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A Very Jaguar Christmas

A Very Jaguar Christmas by Terry Spear

A year ago, JAG agent Everett Anderson lost his best friend, a fellow agent, during a mission. His friend asked him to watch over his girlfriend Demetria. Everett fell for Demetria the first time he saw her, but she was dating Matt so he stepped aside. He has not seen much of her since Matt’s...

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