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Romantic Suspense

The Corpse At The Crystal Palace

THE CORPSE AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE is a tantalizing, rich, and complex mystery. In Ms. Dunn’s twenty-third novel, Daisy Dalrymple is back and inquisitive as ever! This time around she stumbles upon the mysterious murder of a nanny. Daisy has a full house! Her step-daughter, Belinda, and her two young cousins are there for an...

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Antique Blues

Antique Blues by Jane K. Cleland

Josie Prescott is the owner of Prescott’s Antiques and Auction. When her best friend acquires a rare Japanese Woodblock print, Josie is excited to be able to appraise the piece for her.  When Josie arrives early for a meeting with Mo, she discovers a body at the bottom of a cliff. Josie is devastated to...

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Naughty On Ice

Naughty on Ice

High-society hi-jinks in Maple Hill, Vermont, has Lola Woodby and her trusty side-kick and Swedish cook Berta scrambling to find an heirloom ring in Maia Chance’s fourth book in the Discreet Retrieval Agency series. NAUGHTY ON ICE is a mystery set in the roaring twenties, that contains murder, mayhem and lively men. Lola and Berta,...

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Built to Last

Built to Last by Julie Ann Walker

Jamin “Angel” Agassi is a man of many secrets. An operative for the Black Knights Inc., he infiltrates the crime lord Spider’s guarded lair. Angel encounters the one woman he could never forget. Sonya’s presence complicates his mission of bringing the crime syndicate to justice. On the run from the Spider’s hired thugs, Angel decides...

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