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Romantic Suspense

The Right Kind Of Trouble

The Right Kind of Trouble by Shiloh Walker

The RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE is the third in the McKays series. Moira McKay and Gideon Marshall have a long history together. They had a disastrous split at a young age and while Gideon visibly pined over her, Moira seemed to have moved on–married and divorced. Twenty years later Gideon is finally finished letting Moira...

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Dare to Run

Lucas Donahue is a member of the Sons of Steel Rose, a gang in Boston’s slums. He runs a mechanic shop owned by the gang as a front for money laundering. Lucas suspects someone is trying to kill him, and he has a difficult time accepting who the culprit may be. Despite knowing the ramifications...

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A Grave Prediction

Besides her own cases in her private practice, professional psychic intuitive Abby Cooper is a consultant to the FBI, helping them on their cold cases. She is sent to San Diego to help train the agents to use their intuition. However, Abby is leery about going, knowing she will be met with skepticism by the...

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Die Like an Eagle

This latest Meg Langlow novel centers on youth summer league baseball. Meg is a blacksmith and team mom while her husband Michael is the coach for the Caerphilly Eagles, their twin sons’ youth softball team. As an ornamental blacksmith and mother of twins, one would think Meg would be busy enough, but she is also...

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