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tempting-the-earl by Rachel Miles

Abandoned bride, Olivia Walgrave, Countess of Levesford, has been running her husband’s estate for six long years, while he chose to leave her for the Continent to protect England from the threat of war. When the Earl finally decides to return home, he discovers that the mild-mannered girl he thought he left behind to enjoy...

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My Seductive Highlander

Graham MacTavish was cursed by an evil witch – a curse which trapped him in the form of a dragon by day and a man by night. Lasting for over three centuries, the curse also locked him to the shores of Loch Ness and the depths of the sea. Since the Sinclair women freed him...

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My Brown-Eyed Earl

Eight years ago, Margaret “Meg” Lacey and her sisters found a home with their uncle, Lord Whitmore, after the death of their parents. Although he would never let them know, they had been a burden on him and his dwindling fortune. Being presented to society has not helped his finances. But they have all failed...

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Hero in the Highlands

Major Gabriel Forrester thrives on the battlefield and is always in the midst of the action. His wartime antics have earned him the nickname The Beast of Bussao. When an ancient uncle passes away, Gabriel is unhappy to discover he has inherited the title of Duke of Lattimer. Forced to leave the battlefield to take...

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