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No Mistress of Mine

Denys, a viscount and the son of an earl, had been a rebellious adolescent and a rakish, irresponsible young man. At twenty-four, during a trip to Paris, he met Lola Valentine and promptly lost his heart to her. Denys even leased a house for her in London. She had later forsaken him for a career...

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If I Only Had a Duke

After two failed seasons and being jilted, Lady Dorothea Beaumont has had enough of society. The scandal of being jilted forced her to Ireland to stay with her aunt. Now all she wants is to return to Ireland and live out her life helping her aunt tend her beehives. But she has been summoned to...

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The Pleasure of the Rose

An interesting combination, THE PLEASURE OF THE ROSE by Jane Bonander, introduces a Scottish inheritance erotic romance in which the characters must produce an heir. Half Comanche and half Scottish, Fletcher MacNeil expects to live only two more days when he gets an unexpected visitor in jail. Fletcher has been tried and convicted of rape...

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The Striker, Highland Guard Series Book 10

Monica McCarty takes the reader on a journey through a land of wonderment, wildness and fierceness in THE STRIKER the 10th book in the HIGHLAND GUARD series. Handsome, swashbuckling men with ripped muscles galore! What more could you ask for? Eoin MacLean, aka Striker, is an extraordinary warrior and he is training to be a...

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