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Brody: Letters of Fate

Brody Yates is in a world of trouble. It’s been a week since he was found guilty of stealing, yet he’s still sitting in a jail cell awaiting sentencing.   Stealing had become a necessity in order to survive and he certainly wasn’t about to let the widow and her child who also lived in the...

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Left at the Altar

In the 1800’s clocks were set by jewelers who determined the correct time. But Two-Time, Texas, has two jewelers whose time differs by 40 minutes. This is a real problem when one must catch a train or be somewhere at a specific time. It is thought that the matter has been solved when a child...

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The Earl

The Earl by Katharine Ashe

Colin Gray, the Earl of Egremoor, was previously known as Peregrine to those he dealt with as the leader of the Falcon Club. He has long had a grudge against Lady Justice but believes that the author of the pamphlets is a man, not a woman. When Lady Justice asks for his help to find...

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A Date at the Altar

Actress Sarah Pettijohn had sworn never to play the part of The Siren again, but here she is on the stage for one night. For years, she rewrote plays for others who used her talent without giving her any recognition. The owners of the theater promised to produce her play, if she would play the...

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