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Why Do Dukes Fall In Love

Edwina’s marriage was not built on love. Still, now that her husband is dead, she discovers that, despite eight years of marriage, she and her young daughter Gertrude have been left with nothing. Up until the last year of their marriage, Edwina’s husband allowed her to handle the accounts that weren’t that important. But as...

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One Red Rose

One Red Rose by Julie Garwood

ONE RED ROSE is a great summer read that includes matchmaking high jinks, witty humor and unpredictable, scary situations and it is refreshingly quick in length.  Dishy, dashing Adam Clayborne gets the crap scared out of him. Late one night he arrives home and enters his dark bedroom and lays down on his bed, promptly...

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One White Rose

One White Rose by Julie Garwoo

What happens when a man comes to collect a horse? A baby unexpectedly arrives! Douglas Clayborne saddles up and trots off on his horse to gather his brother’s recently purchased Arabian stallion from a farm one dark night. He doesn’t expect to be almost shot at by a woman who is very pregnant. Holy cow!...

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The Tarnished Lady

Once heralded as the “Silver Jewel of Northumbira,” Lady Eadyth of Hawks’ Lair made one error in judgement. The result – a new moniker, “The Tarnished Jewel,” and a son, John.  Since then she’s spent her time caring for her child, tending her bees and remaining a recluse from society. The simple fact that she’s...

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