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The Fairest of Them All

Lady Charlene ‘Char’ Blanchard, the daughter of the infamous Lord Dearne knows how precarious life can become. At eight, she lost her beloved father and six months ago, Char’s uncle cut off her funds. Now, at the age of nineteen, Char is living with her aunt and has become quite good at picking pockets. The...

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Chasing the Heiress

‘CHASING THE HEIRESS’ by Rachael Miles is book two in the “The Muses’ Salon” series. It is the story of Lady Arabella Lucia Fairborne and Colin Somerville. I have not read the previous book ‘Jilting the Duke’. However, this is a standalone book. Lady Arabella’s father is a military man. She has followed her father...

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Sheikh's Mail-Order Bride

When I was asked by the author if I’d like to read book two in her HOT ARABIAN NIGHTS SERIES I jumped at the chance and I was not disappointed.  While the premise is similar – an Englishwoman meets up with a prince in Arabia – the book diverges from there.  Kadar and Constance feel an...

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A Reckless Promise

A RECKLESS PROMISE (THE LITTLE SEASON #3) is an historical romance set in France and England in the early 1800’s that once again takes some liberties by putting Darby and Sadie Grace together over and over again without the use of a chaperone.  It was nice to be reunited with characters I’ve met in her first...

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