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One White Rose

One White Rose by Julie Garwoo

What happens when a man comes to collect a horse? A baby unexpectedly arrives! Douglas Clayborne saddles up and trots off on his horse to gather his brother’s recently purchased Arabian stallion from a farm one dark night. He doesn’t expect to be almost shot at by a woman who is very pregnant. Holy cow!...

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The Tarnished Lady

Once heralded as the “Silver Jewel of Northumbira,” Lady Eadyth of Hawks’ Lair made one error in judgement. The result – a new moniker, “The Tarnished Jewel,” and a son, John.  Since then she’s spent her time caring for her child, tending her bees and remaining a recluse from society. The simple fact that she’s...

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A Gentleman Never Tells

A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS is a quick paced read at only one hundred and sixty pages. I was able to read it in only a few hours and in just one sitting.  Although this is the first book in the ESSEX SISTERS series that I’ve read I was able to catch the flow immediately and did not...

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One Pink Rose

One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood

Tread carefully, Travis! Emily Finnegan is a fickle female who wants to adopt the mindset of a southern belle but she has a whimsical, practical side too. Her mind changes like the wind. Poof, on a whim! Emily is a sweet breath of fresh air and with her slightly flighty, attitude; she decides to be...

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